Richard Bucker

20 things to carry ... maybe not

Posted at — Jun 27, 2016

As I’ve mentioned a few times; I’m going hiking and I want to take a few things with me. Some things I will check and others I will carry on. There are a few items that I think are sketchy so I have followed up with the TSA directly.In the meantime I also read this article and while there may be some good advice in there it’s also worth putting on your thinking cap or at least shipping your tools instead of checking them. Here is the list this person presented Dec 2014.Anything I mark with an OK is still subject to change and interpretation from the TSA.scissors - NOT OK - there isn’t any circumstance where this would be ok.first aid kit - MAYBE depends on what is in it. Needles and scisors are not permitted without a letter from your doctor550 paracord - OK, I would be inclined to include a few large zip ties too but that’s not my job.water purification tables - OKwater filter - OKcollapsible water bottle - OKextra socks - OKBIC disposable lighter NOT OK, it does not matter how small the flame is there are no circumstances where this would be ok. Don’t even try. Plan to buy a new BIC when you get to your destination.fero rod - NOT OK, I got the details from the TSA directly on this onecash - MAYBE, depends on how much and whether you are crossing the border or laundering moneysilver coins - MAYBE, depends on how much and whether you are crossing the border or laundering moneyN95 masks - OK, but is there is anything in the material that might trigger a second look you might get a few strange stares.hand sanitizer - MAYBE, check the 3-3-1 rules.bleach wipes - OKSAS survival guide - OKsubblock - MAYBE, check the 3-3-1 blanket - OK, however the blanket will likely trigger a second search of your stuff due to the reflective nature of the blanket.compass - OKmini Cree flashlight - OKListerine - MAYBE, check the 3-3-1 rules.Reading this persons post I think it must have been partly sarcastic because some of the choices are simply wrong. Scissors.