Richard Bucker

$200 is the new $100

Posted at — Jul 1, 2015

Ever since I was a kid I’ve noticed that the “cost of things” seemed to be stratified. Meaning that if you looked at the average cost of things they seemed to float around some ideal price for the thing you or I might purchase. I recall a conversation with someone about why $12.99 was better than $13.00. There is clearly a psychology of pricing and unless you’re on the inside tract you or I are never going to understand the who, what, where or why.Recently there was a post on Google+ which begged the question why the Chromebook manufacturers were not building machines that cost more than $200. While this is an exaggeration (a) $200 seems to be a sweet spot and the new $100. (b) instead of being some big conspiracy it might actually be the fear that there these prices will cut into their profits.One thing for certain; $200 seems to be the new $100.  I have an ASUS Chromebox that is just not behaving properly. I originally purchased it to be my experimental system so that I could install things like Crouton without compromising my main system (a Pixel 2). But Chrome never installed and then there are all the other problems like Bluetooth. I’ve tried Powerwashing and reset … but it’s still not working as I would like. It could always be my Jawbone mini Jambox, however, I’m just disgusted.As for the $200…. I have no idea how or where to return it and it’s not worth my effort at this point. I know it’s $200 but by the time I box it (assuming I can find the original box) and drive to the post office I might have used up all the return value. RMA or not. I’m also thinking that it is probably in the jawbone because other similar devices seem to work better.The point it… there was a time when I would return everything that cost over $100 and now that conversation has moved to over $200.