Richard Bucker


Posted at — Jan 1, 2020

What an interesting start to 2020. I dream in code… I had a nightmare of a day yesterday trying to fix my SSL certs in DEV. Luckily for me I have to renew my certs every 3 months so I’m a little more practiced than when it was once every year or 3. But this morning I woke with a new POV.

I come to this place in response to all the other awesome out there.

After 35 years of awesome I realized what while there are things we actually code that most of the work is actually integration. Once the integration is completed then the time is spent on the actual work. Many devs think in terms of plugins. That loose coupling has it’s challenges. Some think in scale. More challenges. Looking at my 6 development machines, five UPS batteries, dual ISP connections… I am hemeraging heat and cash. And it’s the choice of tools that makes migration that much more costly. I hope you see it.