Richard Bucker

2GoSystems Reflect 100

Posted at — Nov 10, 2017

The reflect 100 is effectively a 10x10' tarp made of 20d nylon with a reflective silver coating on one side and green on the other. It’s currently 85F in November 2017 and being under the tarp things feel cooler than my other nylon tent.Notice that the amount of light that passes through the yellow tarp is considerable even though it’s the same material, same time of year.The weight and compressed volume of the Reflect 100 is just slightly more than the Bear Paw Wilderness Designs which is to be expected, however, the benefit of the reflected material is clear. I’ve compared the workmanship and the Reflect is a winner. in all regards. 2Go used tape instead of silicon glue… when my BPWD tarp arrived the sealant stuck to everything potentially compromising the seal.My kids have a soccer game tomorrow at 1p and I’m planning to bring the tarp to give them shelter from the Florida sun.UPDATE: it was recommended that I put the silver side up in order to maximize the reflection. Also the green side will absorb some amount of heat.