Richard Bucker

3 F's, 3 S's and 1 W of hiking

Posted at — Feb 10, 2017

I have been going around and around my hiking configuration trying to compartmentalize my gear so it’s nice and neat and in the process I discovered a new pattern.

3 F’s
3 S’s
and 1 W

It’s actually not that interesting but when I look at my day hike and overnight hikes I simply need one bag of each type And maybe a second food bag if overnight.

Food - about 1 pound per thousand calories
First Aid - meds, bandaids, tape, cream, water processing tabs
Fire - tinder, knife, lighter, fero rod
Shelter - poncho, tent or tarp, footprint, cordage, stakes
Sleep - mattress or insulation, bivy or sleeping bag, liner, bugnet
Stove - pot, stove, fuel, spoon
Water - 2 liters, water processing (sawyer filter, dirty water bag, scoop, coffee filter, funnel, premixed aquamira)

You might be asking yourself… what about survival man? Well, the only piece of survival gear you really need for a day hike is either a second pair of shoes, a cell phone and/or SOS beacon. All you really need to survive two days… water, shelter, air. All the rest is luxury.