Richard Bucker

5x9 Black Tarp

Posted at — Aug 14, 2018

With a little rain today I noticed that my brown (stasha) permitted some rain to wet my bugnet. It was a quick shower and everything dried quick enough. So I replaced the 8' stasha with a 9' bearpaw.I placed the black on top of the brown and exchanged the guy lines until the brown would slip out and the black was taught. The black tarp might cast a slightly better shadow, however, my hope is that it dries faster.The guy out points were different on the stasha than this one.I have a pole on the corner with no grommet so I used the compression knot of the corner lineloc to hold the extra pole.The ridgeline has a Yama grommet. This configuration meant that the ridgeline was going to be closer to the ground by 1 to 2 inches. It’s a neat little grommet but I’m not sure how strong/durable it is. The yellow line includes a prusik to add tension to the pole. There are a few more options here which I have yet to explore.Not pictured here is the bivy. The black tarp has a couple of inside loops which prevent the net tent cordage from drawing water into the bivy. It’s like preventing a drip-line. Also there is no shockcord here so the stakes need to be secure. Lastly I have to keep reminding myself that I only need 1 tree with reasonably close branches. The tree becomes essentially the 4th wall.