Richard Bucker

88% agree that collaborative work environments have better morale

Posted at — Aug 22, 2015

Someone touched off a nerve in me this morning because this quote is total bullshit. Google For Work attributed the quote to Reconteur.I did a search on the Reconteur site and found that the quote in question comes from the “special reports” section of the site. I’m not sure what this means but the article was behind closed doors and yet good was quoting it. Seems that this might have been an advert without stating it was an advert.Without being able to read the original source material and accompanying research I cannot directly challenge the statement except that since this was an advert it is not likely real. Not to mention that the claim itself has many holes.what is a collaborative work environmentwhat is the opposite environmentis software required for a collaborative work environmentwhich software, does it have to be Google for Work specificallyIt doesn’t take an ivy league researcher to figure this out. The root cause of higher morale in the work place has multiple components from the product, the people, managers, principles and the customers. It’s also BS to say 88%… of what? of the bottom line or some other fraction therein.A quick google search yielded plenty of results. I picked one. Collaboration was not mentioned once. In my next search this article and research concluded that allowing pets in the workplace would improve collaboration.Finally, I think the writers at Forbes might have a better take on morale in this article. “12 habits of highly collaborative organizations” and they do not mention software or google once.