Richard Bucker

A brand new annoyance: Adobe Air

Posted at — Jun 15, 2011

I installed TweetDeck a few days ago and I don’t have anything good to say about that experience. This morning my wife installed the latest Shutterfly express app and I’m not happy about that either. You see, both programs required that I install Abobe Air and in today’s environment where nothing is free not even the free stuff… it’s just one more commercial entity with free access to my computer.If I paid for the software I suppose I would feel more comfortable with the fact that the application was not going to spider my disk drive and give away my family or professional jewels. As it is we permit way too many software snippets access to our virtual homes. These intruders must be sandboxed and in such a way that does not create additional friction to the user.It’s for that reason that I really like the iOS development environment. Every application is sandboxed and that’s just the way it is.So I managed to get a little sidetracked… I don’t want to know that Adobe Air is installed, I don’t want to share versions of Adobe Air between applications, I do not want Abobe collecting data on me, and I don’t want them sending that data to the master computer. It’s bad enough that the search engines and ISPs already¬†monetize¬†everything I do.