Richard Bucker

A click is not a tap

Posted at — Jul 3, 2015

There are a bunch of Windows user that think that a tap is a click. The tap is a trackpad jesture that converts a momentary tap on the trackpad as a mouse click. I supposed it’s not a truly evil function and that for some users it makes certain sense but my challenge is remembering whether it’s the default behavior on ChromeOS when I started, my OSX or Windows PCs. All I know is that with my latest upgrade and powerwash of my Chromebook the tap feature was enabled. AND it’s annoying.Do disable the tap do the following:>Settingssearch : TAPclick on touchpad buttonuncheck “Enable tap-to-click” and close the window. Your changes will be saved.Keep in mind that if it does not work as expected, then repeat the steps just to make sure your selections have been recorded. If you cannot get ChromeOS to record your selection or the feature is not working as expected you might want to do a powerwash and try again.