Richard Bucker

A heads up to recruiters and agencies

Posted at — Apr 19, 2016

I think I’ve beaten this to death. [a] do not send your junior screen scraping and email spamming freshman recruiters or agents to contact journeyman programmers. You are elongating the process and wasting everyone’s time. [b] get your credentials right. And by that I mean (i) if you’re a person with a decidedly foreign name you might want to reconsider calling yourself “Bob” and stick with your given names and if you want to be called Bob then learn the syntax for nicknames. (ii) you probably do not want to reuse a single premium account without changing the email address, email alias and email body signature. (is your name Steve, Joan or Andar). If you cannot afford or use your tools I don’t think you’re going to be working the side of the hiring formula that is best for me.So have a nice day and may we all find our retirement opportunity.UPDATE: WTF! I just realized that [b] was using StackOverflow. StackOverflow is cheap as dirt with a favorable refund policy. Recycling the contact name 3 times is a disgrace.UPDATE: I did not link to my post because linking is supposed to up your Google ranking but that’s not why I write. So as a reminder my first complain is when the recruiter does not understand [A] the difference between an entry level position, apprentice, experienced and journeyman. And it’s [B] particularly annoying when the caller does not have the position information or enough information to make a decision.