Richard Bucker

A reflection of noisier times

Posted at — Apr 10, 2012

Sitting in my home office I was browsing the Apple site and looking at the new Macs. In particular I was considering a new computer for my in-laws who have destroyed 3 Desktop PCs and 1 Laptop in the last 7 years.As I reflect on their computer troubles I start to remember what my office sounded like when I had 2 desktops plus 7 “silent” PCs plus 1 Mac Mini(PowerPC); which I have traded in for a late model MacBook, MacBook Air and 4 RackSpace virtual servers. And now I have so much to be thankful for.(a) It’s quieter in the house. I could hear my office in every room in the house. I recall the couple of times that the power went out… The house was eerily calm.(b) my home office is not as hot as it was. Sure, later in the day is get warmer because it faces the sun but it is still so much better.(c) The virtual servers at RackSpace are not perfect but they are a lot more reliable than my home network, internet service supplier, and my own hardware.So as I’m thinking about new toys… I recall a mantra I had about 20 years ago. Get the biggest and best monitor you can afford, then get the CPU. In the end the monitor is going to last longer and have more life than the CPU which you will likely replace in a year or so. Never has that been more true than now. And as much as I like apple products there is simply no incentive to buy an all-in-one. Apple would have been better off making the Mac Mini a pluggable or dock-able module into the back of one of it’s great monitors.