Richard Bucker

After the Rules

Posted at — Jul 31, 2016

After the Rule of 3 and the 5 C’s of Survival there is yet another thing to know. When making choices like which cutting tool to carry there is also a usage count. So when choosing an item make sure it serves more than one purpose.Humm,how interesting.I’m looking back on my career and many of the jobs that I was offered were based on more than one thing. [a] what can I do for the company today [b] what can I do for the company tomorrow.  There were other times when there was interest in the code I was going to write today and in addition the ability to train or even manage my peers.The lesson here is that if you want to take on a profession with singular focus you might want to reconsider. It’s one reason why colleges offer a minor system. (Major in Computer Science and minor in Art History).I will tell my daughters if they want to be programmers then also get their MBA.