Richard Bucker

Agile and the millennial's

Posted at — Dec 15, 2013

One outcome of the agile process in the workplace seems to be the flattening of the chain of responsibility. Individuals are no longer held accountable teams are. Teams are no longer held accountable departments are. Departments are no longer held accountable divisions are. At the end of the day everyone seems to have plausible deniability.Now if you add the entitlement factor that millennial’s believe in you get a different type of cocktail. On the one hand millennial’s don’t generally believe in accountability. They engage the notion of group think. So it seems natural that they would gravitate towards the agile process.The agile manifesto and the agile process was not designed by millennial’s. It was designed by a group of highly functional consultants and contractors who have been in the industry for 20+ years before endeavoring to define this model of success.The implementation of the agile model in today’s corporate environment usually leaves the organization in a very shallow structure where majority of the actors are at the bottom. Sprinkle in some millennial’s and promotion based on merit is easily discarded. ‘Time in’ is not a valid measure for promotion!