Richard Bucker

all in one cluster tech or the other

Posted at — Sep 12, 2019

A recent blog post suggested that kubernetes was the winner when docker signaled that it was going to support it. The author went on to say that swarm might become a shim layer to kubernetes. In a way that might be a good idea. Here’s why.I have a docker swarm with traefik for ingress. This is working out really well but I see that I have to commit to the one cluster tech - docker swarm. This is because traefik binds itself to the swarm but does not span multiple swarms. Of course there are some advantages to paying for and having the EE version as it supports a few other features that might include spanning networks.One thing for sure is that having a k8s and a separate swarm each with their own traefik installation means that the system has to be partitioned accordingly. Migrating projects from one cluster to another along with name resolution… all bad. Keep in mind that many businesses start off committed to one tech and then migrate over time. It’s a bag of marbles.It’s a genuine challenge supporting multiple clusters.