Richard Bucker

all in one programming languages

Posted at — Oct 24, 2019

I’ve talked about the DSL I designed myself for reporting. I’ve also mentioned that I have embedded pico, a version of tcl, and Lua into the DSL. And I might have mentioned, in hindsight, that I wished I had used them instead of my own DSL. Some sort of hybrid.But now I’m thinking about what’s next. How can I get to that point where I’m implemented my reports in tcl/Lua rather than my DSL. To start at the beginning I see Nim/NimScript. This would have potential except that it does not support SQLServer directly only through ODBC which has it’s challenges.javascript is just a non-starter.golang is ok and there are plenty of interpreters to choose from including pico, tcl, Lua and a few more. There is even a golang interpreter but that is no fun. While it works it is weak.rust-lang has plenty in common with golang. We know it’s fast from the mozilla team. I thought I read that the AWS team was converting or writing in rust. rust has a few scripting variations many are incomplete.The rust approach to scripting is kind of standalone, where the golang version seems to be nothing included and you have to stitch it together. This means you’re code is self referential, your scripts only get the API and functionality you expose, the cost of entry is the cost from scratch. It’s somewhat portable but you have to fill in the gaps.One of the things I learned recently is that ‘expect’ is written in tcl.