Richard Bucker

All-time low for open source

Posted at — Aug 3, 2011

Please follow my train of thought: java is the now new COBOL I used to like java when it was first released 1.02 was probably the best release albeit not speedy There are so many libraries out there that overlap and intersect that it’s like looking at JCL through a kaleidoscope and I won’t even hint at J2EE There are many alternatives that cover many different languages, python, perl, ruby, go, erlang, haskel, scala, clojure and so on Some of them are clearly better than others… some are just plain stupid I recently endeavored to design a system using python, TornadoWeb, Redis, and ZeroMQ. (simple, easy, fun and productive) The framework is about 3000 LOC and the dependencies are shallow and easy to expand. An alternative to TornadoWeb might be cyclone but it’s harder to build. my next potential project needs to built in java including enough packages to be considered J2EE-light. Everything from Spring to Camel. There has to be a better way. I thought to recommend SkyNet It depends on doozer and go-lang go-lang installs easy enough doozer is crap, builds silently, but the test program does not compile. doozerd is crappier, does not build because the libs to not match the go-libs. Why? fixed-em. I tried to run the test program and it crashed. Same errors. roundup is worse still, there are even fewer docs here. I tried the normal build. FAIL. I tried the git version. Worked but there are no docs for me to test it. And now it’s installed… I hate that. Need a sandbox for the install much like go. So I go back and look at the java packages. they’re not so bad… if the project framework were templated. Yes it is. More dependencies means more maintenance, more regression testing, more reading, harder debugging, more logging, slower transactions. At the very least if I used Grails I’d have a chance to implement a smooth and normal install path. Not the chaos of package de jour.Meh!  I’ll make it work anyway but it’s not going to be as much fun.PS: What every happened to COBOL?