Richard Bucker

almost car camping - things learned

Posted at — Oct 26, 2016

I went camping with my kids this past weekend and I decided to take the opportunity to test some gear that I knew I was going to depend on when hiking in the everglades. One particular concern was the temperature swings. As such we were expecting the temps to be 80F during the day and 50F during the night. And it was.And so we discovered a few things:princess sleeping bags are not rated for 50FMy Stansport sleeping bag with a 50F rating is notSea to Summit Reactor sleeping bag liner is of no use outside a sleeping bagdoubling and tripling sleeping bag liners does not helpSleeping bag liner sheets do not helpFleece sleeping blankets are greatremember wool socks next timecoleman self inflating sleeping pad is OK for car camping but that’s itKlymit pads are no fun to pack away when trying to break camp quicklythere is something to be said about leaving stuff sacks at homemy Klymit inflatable was not that comfortable and it moved a lot as I tried to position myselfthe Sea to Summit coolmax is treated with insect shield but what’s the point if it’s only good as a linerI learned from one youtube video that I should have brought my schemog and wrapped my pillow for extra comfortWhile I had 2 “emergency” blankets I reminded myself of the many difficult times in the book “living with a seal” and pushed through… although I still had a plan.Later in the day I setup my hammock and took an awesome 15 minute nap; I should hve set it up earlierHad I slept in the hammock the I would have experienced a colder night and while I have a proper bivy on order I might have to consider an underquilt or convertable sleeping bagI should have closed the window; and I did on the second nightThe sea to summit liners are also useless because they are top entry only. One of my kids needed to go to the bathroom and I nearly killed myself trying to get out and back into my bed (side entry would have been better)various sheets50F my a$$uselessFinally, given the variation in the temperature and what it means to be SUL (super ultralight) I just do not think it’s possible without spending a lot more money or will to be so much more uncomfortable.