Richard Bucker

Almost Perfect

Posted at — Jan 7, 2022

This site is a convergence of thoughts. 1) systems are too complicated. For examples look at the size of the RUST-LANG packaging and then compare it to picol, tcl, jim. Then look at Flutter. Flutter, at least, get’s some work done but the ROI is not there as far as I can tell. 2) The day is going to come when the shit is going to hit the fan. The actual manifestation ranges from just not trusting our institutions to a complete tech meltdown. I’ve been complaining about 3rd party libraries since I started working with forign nationals who made their living packaging 3rd party code and “java everywhere”. And then add the news reports and election hacking. At the other end of the spectrum the are the subtle hacks where there is just enough mistrust to keep the system going but not enough that we do not trust the results (see 2016 elections). 3) then there are the bad actors that are hacking systems like docker or maybe some deep sleepers that keep management at gitlab awake at night. Our list is much longer and growing every day…

What is your nightmare scenario?