Richard Bucker

Alpine linux

Posted at — Feb 7, 2016

In the last few days I read an article making the claim that Docker was moving to Alpine Linux as it’s default Linux distro. I do not know the political issues associated with all things docker but it is curious.The Alpine team makes the claim that the minimalist installation is only 5MB; implying that it’s for the distribution and comparing similar use-cases between Alpine and Ubuntu. With Alpine as the clear winner. If memory serves me there was a time when ubuntu offered a very light version of ubuntu. Something that was essentially kernel only plus a few vital tools.In my development container the golang+debian container was about 800MB and the Alpine version is 426MB. I’m pretty sure that most of the bulk comes from the golang base image and my apk add –update tree openvpn openssh openssl vim docker tmux screen sqlite graphviz sqlite-libs htop unzip net-tools wget curl iputils bashOne of my biggest concerns is that it’s a community project and I just cannot keep up with the level of dependency checking required. Furthermore this seems to be a direct attack on CoreOS, RancherOS and possibly a few mainstream tiny Linux distros.One last thing. It’s probably better to deploy a static binary instead of a 5MB guest.