Richard Bucker

Amazon Instant Video or Netflix

Posted at — Aug 30, 2015

I’m do not know the psychology of the blog title so I’ll say it up front. Netflix is a better product.First of all Netflix has a player for just about every device out there. That includes my Tivo brand DVR, Android phone, iOS devices, and probably every desktop browser out there. Compared to Amazon Prime Instant Video which does not seem to support my Android phone or Tivo. Clearly Amazon is trying to force their Fire players.Secondly, ┬áthe video browse, search and player on Netflix is biased toward playing and streaming not upselling. I recently searched for a movie “Tim’s Vermeer”. When I searched for it on Netflix they politely told me it was on DVD only and suggested how I might get it. When I did the same search on Amazon I was presented with a whole host of videos for purchase obfuscating my search results. And quite frankly the user login state, at Amazon, makes just wanting to watch videos next to impossible. Amazon is not in the streaming business.Amazon Prime… I call bullshit. You’re not free. You’re always trying to sell me more than I really want. I do not buy enough regular shit to justify the free shipping because everything can be shipped free if I’m willing to wait. And on that note… I know you artificially delay picking from inventory to make sure you deliver per the window because when I make the same purchase from Google and they give me the same delivery window it still arrives in 2 days.