Richard Bucker

Amazon is not the low cost leader

Posted at — Jun 22, 2016

I know this is not Amazon’s problem but check this out. I was looking for a tarp/rain-fly and not making any progress because the price and it’s weight seem to be related. The biggest and lightest rainflys sell for more than $150. Tarps, on the other hamd, are heavy and meant for more permanent structures. So when I found this one I was pretty excited even thought I wanted a different color and slightly larger still. And that was when the price was $68 on amazon.After I had added it to my wishlist I kept searching and returning to Amazon time and again. And then it happened. I noticed it was actually being sold through Woot. I’d been a fan of Woot in the early days so why not check it out. And so I did.It’s the exact same product and $10 cheaper including shipping. What’s particularly annoying about this is that Amazon is Woot’s parent company so why not offer the same price?I wish I knew what this was all about. I like to order on Amazon ‘cause everything is about a click away. Amazon Prime, however, is not as good as it gets.