Richard Bucker

Amazon phone

Posted at — Jun 18, 2014

The best part about the Amazon phone is the price war that is about to begin. The 64 GB model is priced at $299. By comparison the same iPhone costs $399.However, for your $299 you will receive unlimited storage of your pictures and a one year subscription to Amazon prime. While the former is meant to generate vendor lock-in the latter reduces the effective price to $199.The price tag for this phone creates any number of lines of questioning.Why don’t the other phone manufacturers charge the same?Just what exactly is the cost of manufacturing a phone?Where are the other subsidies coming from?Will Amazon be selling any personal information or anonymize personal information?Will this become a platform for advertising?Since Amazon sells just about everything or act as a proxy for people who sell just about everything will Amazon be the defective store for everything?What it be cost-effective to buy the phone simply to be able to make one’s purchases? Instead of using a standard browser.So many questions…