Richard Bucker

Amazon Reviews

Posted at — Jun 15, 2020

What on Earth is going on at Amazon? I gave a merchant a bad review because their product was junk! Two months later I have received 5 emails from the vendor offering me money to pull my review. Is this actually a business model? It had never ocurred to me that people would give products a bad review and wait for the seller to offer a reward to remove the review. That’s extortion/bribary on a new level.

The thing is… First of all, on the whole, there are some number of product and seller reviews regardless of the quality of the product and seller. Then there is some percentage of positive reviews and some negative reviews. Driving up positive reviews by buying off the reviewer makes no sense and should be obvious to Amazon.

Granted you cannot trust one or even a dozen reviews but there is a threshhold that you should be able to trust.