Richard Bucker

Amazon... would the real hammock please stand up

Posted at — Aug 11, 2016

Buyer’s bewareEagles Nest Outfitters HammocksBear Butt HammocksHobo HammocksPro VenturesLive InfinitelyNature’s HangoutLet’s face it there isn’t much difference between these hammocks. My guess is that they all use the same fabrics, same hardware, and same ropes or straps. They all have the same costs centers:internet e-storesocial media and other advertisingreselling through Amazonsalariesoffice space and relatedmaterials and manufacturing costswarranty costsThere is no way that any of these startups is individually tooling up a manufacturing complex in order to produce the product. And there is a good chance they they never actually negotiated with the factory. Having a hint of how this works it’s likely that they negotiated with a US based rep.And so we have so many different hammock companies.One thing I like about Hobo Hammocks is that they give back by feeding the homeless. On the other hand they are also charging about $5-15 more than the lowest. Keep in mind that Amazon is a store and they are not very responsible about what they put on their shelves. At least when you go to the grocery store they tell you he cost per ounce, count, etc.The cheapest I saw a hammock for was $18. The color choices were pretty bold but it was very strong.UPDATE… as I predicted … they are all the same:UPDATE 2: some other things that seem to stick out. [a] how many of the hammock sellers are actually outfitters many seem to sell branded swag [b] one product startups without a real web presenceI have an outstanding email into the sales department at ENO. If they are actually manufacturing in the US I’d pay a little extra. This other practice of just marketing some crap product just does not sit well.