Richard Bucker delivery dates

Posted at — Jan 16, 2016

Some time ago I complained about an order that I had placed with Amazon.  I was under the impression that it was going to arrive in a few days when it took a few weeks. I was not quite sure what happened and what I had missed but it happened again. And this time I caught it.Here is the item in standard Amazon Search resultsHere I am in my shopping cartAnd then the final reviewFinally, I logged into Amazon and reviewed my orders from the account orders screen and …While this order was for an MSI barebones computer, I had gone through the same process a few minutes ago for a different brand but in that case the FINAL arrival date was between Feb 15 and March 15. Needless to say I cancelled that order too.One other complaint. May times there is a mail-in rebate program associated with a product offering, however, when the rebate has a “purchase by” deadline the item is not updated to reflect that the rebate period has passed. In fact one of the PCs I was going to purchase had a purchase 1/4/2016 deadline and it would have saved about 30%. (the other limits of 1 per household still exist).