Richard Bucker FAIL again

Posted at — Jun 7, 2016

Some months ago I was counseled by a reader when I complained that an order I placed took 3-4 weeks to arrive even though the advertised delivery date was just a few days. The reader suggested that resells items from China and by the time it enters the “shipping system” it can take weeks in customs etc.Several months ago I ordered some new tent stakes that never arrived and Amazon was nice enough to refund my money without asking or even alerting me. It’s a goo thing I was not going to climb Mt Everest or something.Several weeks ago I order some more stakes and several types of cordage. And again they have not arrived on time and their new dates are ridiculous. I’m sure that Amazon will eventually refund my money but this is just the worst customer experience one could have.I realize that Amazon needs to grow by some percentage every year but adding disreputable or fly by night re-sellers is not the way to improve the bottom line. I would also add that Amazon Prime’s free shipping is not that free. Most products are jacked up an extra $10 or more to cover the price of shipping… At $10 per item when items are bundled Prime┬áis actually a profit center.thumbs down amazon