Richard Bucker

Amazon Fire 10

Posted at — Nov 28, 2019

The Fire 10 arrived yesterday and I tried to get the $50 price adjustment and Amazon was just not interested in customer service. This sort of thing is done everywhere else. We all realize that time is money and Amazon proves again they trim at the edges.

Before I unboxed the tablet I was already disappointed by the size of the packaging. Not that it was a waste of materials but that it was so small. I suppose I had been expecting a different aspect ratio or just something bigger. But there was a definite disappointment.

inline image

I did measure the diagonal and it is 10 inches diagonal in the visible space. Since I selected the blue case I had to opt-in to the special features which I disabled by paying an extra $15 through my Amazon devices web interface. I am impressed that Amazon was able to configure my device from the factory. Somehow I did not even have to set the WiFi password. It’s also spooky…. I wonder if their trucks piggy pack on my WiFi?

Wondering why I got the screen size so wrong I went back to the Amazon website and it was plain as day.

inline image

inline image

Amazon made them look that way. The 10 is only 3 inches diagonally bigger. That’s not really that much when you consider the HxW. But when you look at the pictures in the website they fool with dimension and relative size. As I continue to stare at the 7 and 10 I see an appreciable difference but not that much really. I cannot imagine what I would think if I had the 8 to compare. I should say that I will get another 7 when the 2019 edition arrives with better battery and Android upgrade.

My biggest problem with the Amazon tablet is that they do not have the same trusted publishers. More on that later.