Richard Bucker

analysis of a train wreck

Posted at — Jul 5, 2016

I was reading an article about a DEVOPS train wreck. The author seemed to be critical of DEVOPS, Openstack, Kubernetes, and the Agile process. Frankly he was throwing around so glossary tems that his point seemed lost in the aggregate.And as I kept digging for the conclusion, I heard it. It’s the phrasing that you hear in any Shark Tank episode.“We’re staking our future on solving this problem, and others are as well. If more smart people get busy solving this problem, we will all benefit by getting our industry into shape for the new-new way of writing and running software.” -Sumeet SinghThat’s when I realized it was marketing. The article is broken into what amounts to an executive whitepaper.the problem statement with a hint of a solutionsupporting bullets that reinforce the problem statementa polished summary that basically restates the problem and then offers a vague solutionNow if you were writing to the CEO of a company with a complaint it might look something like:problem statement3 bullet points explaining the problemand what your expectation is for corrective actionI happen to know this works because [a] I got it directly from a CEO and Harvard grad [b] I’ve used it with great success at Apple and The Disney Company.Frankly the author of the article I’m criticizing missed the mark. Kubernetes and OpenStack are new technologies and have poor tooling. They offer little if any visibility to the outside world such as traditional operators and managers. Right now executives seem to think that these technologies are free and they are not. [a] you’re blind to your operational risks [b] you have no idea what the costs are going to be when things to are production ready.Anyway, If I was in a position to make this kind of purchase on this tech. I’m spending my money on CoreOS and Tectonic. I do not need VMs to host containers.