Richard Bucker

and the dish ran away with the spoon

Posted at — May 17, 2019

The only time I ever liked a spork was when I was in high school. When I was deciding on my first utensil I decided to go with the long handled titanium spoon instead of the spork. Then when I was outfitting for camping trips with the kids I bought a collection of different light my fire utensils (link).They must sell a ton of these, however, in practice they are useless. They are short, the knife edge is useless, and if you are switching between fork and spook you’re going to get dirty and cross contaminate the utensil. LMF also sells a titanium version. HumanGear  (link) makes sets in a case and they also make a spoon/fork combo that will transform into a longer utensil however the grooves require additional cleaning.As for the length you have to consider the first time you tried to eat out of a mountain house packet. It was impossible to mix the contents with a short spoon and not cross contaminating the food.That’s when I discovered the Gossamer Gear Bamboo Spoon (link). It’s as long as the long spoon, it has a larger bill, it’s lighter not that it matters; 14g compared to 19g. But the most important part is that it does not conduct heat and so using the spoon to cook you will not burn your fingers or eat and you will not burn your lips.And lastly there is the price. The bamboo spoon is $7 and the Toaks Ti is $11 (link).PS: did I mention that the bamboo spoon will not set off the alarm at the TSA?