Richard Bucker

Android vs ChromeOS

Posted at — Dec 4, 2015

In the past few months there has been some press relating to the merging of Android and ChromeOS. There have been talking heads from all corners with varying opinions that likely have less to do with Google’s failure and more to do with moving eyeballs to non-Google devices.If Google elects to do anything in this space I strongly recommend starting with the requirements. For example; there is more compute horsepower in most smartphones than there is any of the Chromebooks. So why does Chromebook install a release in 9 seconds and a new Android release can take 20 minutes?This past week Motorols replaced my damaged Nexus 6 with a refurbished device. First of all the model was exactly alike with the same AT&T crapware. Even though I had been in developer-mode on my damaged phone the closest backup was 41 days away. Android installed most of the Apps I had installed on the previous phone and most of the data that was managed in the cloud (mostly Google software) My only complaint was that I needed to install no less than 7 system updates taking 15 minutes each.Keep in mind that the restore process was better than Apple.I cannot say for certain but I think Google produces a baseline Android OS that the manufacturers tweak for the individual vendors; thus the horrible AT&T splash screen. It also means that releases cannot be merged without great effort and so I needed to reboot multiple times. On the other hand Chromebook manufacturers seem to adopt the OS first mentality meaning that the hardware follows.Can this be confirmed or is it just my intuition?