Richard Bucker

Another Day in Programming Languages

Posted at — Jul 18, 2022

This bast weekend I completed yet another rant on programming languages and my chicken dsl approach to programming. This morning I woke to a number of google echo chamber posts in the news.

15 years ago I considered using blockly or scratch as an IDE so that non-programmers could participate in the development of a meta-code (low code/no code) platform. Now Scratch is showing off making Linux kernel code. It’s about time. I suppose if I had chosen python or javascript as the chicken syntax I could have incorporated these tools earlier.

Appanretly Tim Cook, of Apple, is concerned about programming skills. DUH! Have you looked at swift and xcode? Instead of making it easier they made it harder. Back in the early apple days it was all hyper card. It was a complete paradigm shift but early programmers could reason about it. And there were some decent applications that came out.

R-lang also popped on my feed. I do a lot of data analytics so it might be a good choice except that R is complicated and my analytics are not. S-lang popped as I was looking at R-lang. Not sure what it does.

My chicken-feed DSL is based on tcl. [a] the picol parser is only 500 LOC and is coded in C and GO. [b] every operator is a procedure [c] every operand is a string. All of this makes it simple to code and import ideas. Even though tcl does everything in strings I’ve used some of those ideas and also supported references, types, and such. It would not take much to do next level and incorporate analytics, web frameworks and so on. I’ve already done a lot of that.

We do not need all this syntax junk. I think even an erlang or prolog loop could be constructed in tcl syntax even though it would pass the parser or exec… but at least it would be readable.