Richard Bucker

Another killer app for Perl

Posted at — May 25, 2012

I’ve written about perldoc and CPAN as being Perl’s killer apps. I’ve also written about Ruby’s RVM and Python’s Virtualenv. Now I get to write about Perl’s perlbrew.I’ve been tweeting(@rbucker) with a couple of techies today s a result of a comment that one of the made. Something to the effect that virtualenv was going to be made a core python app. Suggesting that it was going to be rolled into the distro.If you’ve been around a while and you have a little intuition… it should be going off at this very moment. I’m not going to go into the high level discussion that I had with these guys nor am I going to go into the micro details. What I will say, in summary, is that this is a very bad idea and as a result virtualenv should become very unstable as a result.Which got me thinking about Ruby and Perl. On the one hand I know that Ruby has RVM but is there something for Perl? Yep! As I write this article I have installed perlbrew and I’m installing Perl 5.16.0 at this very moment.I do not know anything about perlbrew at this point other than it seems to be installing Perl properly and in userspace where I want it. If all goes well and I have the required prerequisites all should be well in the next little while. I really like Perl and Python. The idea of dumping Python feel like jumping the shark. Perl-6 and Python-3 feel unnatural at the moment. I’m just hopeful that virtualenv and perlbrew can keep my world glued together until the rest shakes out.