Richard Bucker

App abuse

Posted at — Dec 14, 2013

We are now in a period of software development history future of application abuse.Network applications used to be custom one-off built applications that included a client and server over some sort of network connection. This network connection could have been over the World Wide Web or just over a local intranet. It might have even been a token ring network or something even older than that.Then came the browser and the URL and general-purpose websites. This meant that with a simple bookmark one could access the library of applications. Updating the application was the prerogative of the application provider. Other than compatibility issues on the client side there was nothing for the user to do.Now that Internet notables are starting to profess that URLs should be limited to a fixed domain for humans and variable URLs for applications.This is paving the way for application providers provide desktop applications that’s nearly wrap a browser component. This is causing¬†the user to feel captive.And so everything is coming full-circle.¬†Desktop and tablet applications require constant maintenance in place. This anti pattern of continuous integration continuous deployment. These application upgrades are not always compatible with end-of-life hardware or operating systems. As evidenced by a number of application no longer work on my first and second generation iPads. Also as I look at my children’s iPads I see that they each require at least 40 updates this month alone.