Richard Bucker

Appalachian Trail

Posted at — Aug 6, 2016

I like camping. I like the idea of hiking but I’ve never done any real hiking before. Bushcraft training is very interesting to me and Survival for the Zombie Apocalypse is mostly a waste of time except where it overlaps with Bushcraft. Hiking is kinda like car camping except your legs are your transportation and your carry far less supplies.Sadly I missed my opportunity to backpack through Europe when I graduated college as I was on the 10 year plan. Secondly I missed any chance to take the summer to hike the AT because I didn’t have those kinds of friends and it just never occurred to me.Now that I’m older and possibly wiser I’m intrigued. The idea of going totally or almost totally off the grid for 4 months is a challenge as I have been plugged-in since 1980 or soon after.So it seems to me that a small section hike is in order. Next summer I think I’ll take the family to Helene Georgia and then leave them to hike the AT for 3 or 4 days.Although it’s a year away I still need to do some planning and practicing. And it also occurs to me that I need to think about necessity and luxury. This is what I told a friend of mine who is an experience AT hiker:I started and finished the book “living with a seal” just a few days ago. I think that no matter what choices I make I’ll survive 3-4 days so long as I have water, some basic shelter, and some modest calories. Everything else is going to be a luxury. I think I could do that.I really want to reduce the weight and complexity of my kit so that it’s easy to carry, comfortable to sleep, and safe in case there are disasters.