Richard Bucker

appengine and appscale

Posted at — Jul 2, 2016

appscale and appengine are awesome platforms. There is something to be said for all that infrastructure that I do not have to be concerned with. The amount of documentation that Google offers is amazing and the appscale says that they are plugin replacement for appengine would be nice but falls short.First of all appengine has two flavors. ┬áThe first offering that has been around for years and the latest managed VM or flexible environment. The later is not supported by appscale.Appscale has an interesting Docker version. It seems to be a plain container with appengine inside. The documentation makes no mention on how to join containers or how appscale might launch it’s own containers. Basically I was looking for containers inside containers… sort of. Or for that matter how to communicate to the appscale instance inside the container and pushing apps into appscale from outside.Sadly, from this page it seems that appscale is not intended for nested docker.