Richard Bucker

Apple Batteries

Posted at — Aug 2, 2012

Between my iPhone that just simply does not last 8hours while in NYC and my 1.4Ghz MacBook Air that does not last 6hours I’m just frustrated to no end. Part of the problem in NYC is that there are so many WiFi base stations in proximity at any given time that my phone is either trying to talk to or google maps is using in order to sense it’s location that I can see how and why the batteries are so bad. You’d think with the population of NYC and the concentration of iPhones that it would not be an issue for me.As for the MBA I have no explanation. I was on a plane with wifi and bluetooth turned off. I was writing some code in a small console window and watching some video. I did not have the brightness turned all the way up either. Problematic about Apple is that they are extremely secretive about things other companies might be proactive about… like telling me my batteries need to be replaced… before the warranties run out.I’ll say it again, as much as I like my Apple hardware I really want to try the new Vizio hardware with Linux and BSD as the Host OS. And I also want to give Android a shot too.