Richard Bucker

Apple Genius - MacBook Air

Posted at — Jul 21, 2014

Here is the short version -(a) MacBook Air 11" is dead.(b) It is the second time it happened.(c) after multiple attempts I managed to repair it so I could get some basic work done.(d) MacBook Air 11" is dead again.(i) I made my appointment with the Mac Genius(ii) I arrived early but they were running 30 minutes behind as usual(iii) after some basic attempts to perform some diagnostics the Genius gave up(iv) they took my MBA in for repair. If the store replaced the SDD they would charge me $400 and if they sent it to the Depot for repair it would cost me $310.That’s when the Genius offered some advice. (1) while filevault2 is better than the previous version… don’t use it. (2) the drive is already secure without filevault implying that OSX was going to magically respect permissions if the SDD was removed and mounted as an external drive on another machine. He clearly does not understand OSX internals and how privilege escalation works. This does not even qualify as a hacker response just common sense.