Richard Bucker

Apple is going to lose

Posted at — Dec 11, 2018

There was a time I was a contrarian because I hated Microsoft as they were the 600 pound gorilla in the zoo. Granted they made a lot of people a lot of money I was never one of them.Now the baton has been passed to Apple and it’s only worse. Scott Galloway of L2Inc talks about the big four and specifically chides Apple for being the “getting laid factor” associated with iPhone ownership.A few years ago I bought my wife an iPhone. We used some ATT program so that we only paid a portion of the cost every month. Then a year or two after that she broke it or we upgraded it through a program at an Apple store. Somehow in all of that we ended up making payments to Citizen One and apparently the original payments to ATT fell short. So we have one phone and two payments.I would never have caught the problem unless I had not changed my service to Google Fi.Apple is trying to force it’s customers into a very expensive loyalty play through lock in. Whether it’s laptops, iPhones, iWatch etc… What a mess.