Richard Bucker

Apple OSX Junk Mail

Posted at — May 12, 2012

There is a lot to like about Apple’s Mail application that comes with OSX and there are a few things I don’t like.(1) the integration with other tools like iCal is similar to what MicroSoft did years ago with it’s mail APIs. It is brutally painful when the Mail application is not configured or when all of the mail accounts have been disabled. What’s worse is that the act of emailing an alert from iCal actually launches the Mail application instead of using the APIs behind the scenes.(2) I would have liked it if the junk mail between my GMail account and the Mail application were synchronized. It really bugs me that I have two folders. I do not know who does junk mail better but I have to imagine that it is Google only because they actually have the entire population of GMail users rating emails for them. While the Apple Mail user base has to wait for the next release or update in order to get the new spam rules.(3) The one killer feature I like about GMail and MailPlane is that very little or absolutely nothing is actually stored on my local computer. That means that all of the email remains on Google’s servers. This is great especially with my MacBook Air which has very limited space. The last thing I want to do is download 10 years of emails from 10 or 15 accounts. Also this reduces the time it takes to bring a new computer online.Mailplane has released a new application called replies. It’s similar to MailPlane and Sparrow in many ways but it seems to download my entire email cache from GMail. Sparrow appears to download everything too. (I need to check their files to be sure) I only wish Mailplane looked a little more polished the way that sparrow does.