Richard Bucker

Apple OSX mindshare

Posted at — May 14, 2012

Apple’s mindshare is as much their hardware as it is their software.Just a few minutes ago I was reconfiguring my in favor of GMail in the browser and Sparrow or MailPlane on the desktop. This was just part of a whim but it’s probably a good thing that many application developers are so narrowly divided.I also spent a little time on my BETA version of Apple’s Messages. A replacement for iChat. Some of the preferences were clearly BETA and a lot was leftover from iChat. But after all that I can see that I’m still going to need Skype. Sure iChat and Messages support voice and video chat. I also have FaceTime for my desktop too. But in the end those apps are OSX only.So long as MicroSoft is putting MS Word on the OSX desktop; Apple should be putting their apps on Windows.