Richard Bucker

Apple Photo is still uploading

Posted at — Apr 22, 2016

I’m still trying to upload all of our photo and video artifacts. We have 53K photos and 3k videos which are about 250GB is size. Because of the Apple opinion on how and where to store these artifacts we are stuck with iCloud. The process of syncing her Apple iPhone, gmail and desktop are just so messed up that we are bound to lose something else before I get these pictures sync’d.After our last failure I decided to backup out picture to 3 places.backblaze - intelligent FULL system backupsGoogle+ - into a private folder in a smaller resolution just as a last resort since the resolution is loweriCloud - because it’s Apple’s native solution and includes syncing from the phone to the desktop over the airThe problem with these services is that it is point in time. If you update or delete your files locally then they will be reflected in the backup. There is no delete nothing solution. Also, those ransomeware assholes are likely to corrupt the backups as the service cannot tell if the crypto is intentional or not; and by the time all of that is sorted out it’s going to be to late.Synology has some interesting devices and tools. The problem here is that it and some of the others do not consider that the local device may not have sufficient storage to hold everything except a project or two. And then the same challenges reappear.This a complicated and potentially expensive problem. You’d think that we’d have it solved by now. Personally I do not want to be tethered to Apple. I like their computers and elements of their operating system. On the one hand I would like a closed system as I have been enjoying my Chromebooks an Chromebox but Apple has not actually achieved that level yet. iPads are still single user.anyway…