Richard Bucker

Apple Radio

Posted at — Sep 27, 2013

I like my Pandora service. I’ve tried the others but either they were too expensive or constantly trying to sell me something. Today I’m trying Apple Radio. The UI experience on my iPhone and desktop are ok. I had to make a point of disabling my iTunes from downloading media on the cellular data network. However, not everything is rainbows and unicorns.I want to know if Apple under estimates the ability of the average iTunes user to locate the BUY button or are they hoping for accidental BUY clicks. The BUY button appear in the play window, the mini-player window, and in the station history. Some of the buttons are camouflaged (probably unintentionally) and others are practically on top of other controls.Given that the app-store return policy is non-existent I’m not sure what trouble this will bring.