Richard Bucker

Apple Yosemite OSX and iOS 8?

Posted at — Oct 19, 2014

I updated my MBA (MacBook Air) to Yosemite. The installation was not as painful as previous releases. In particular I had some FileVault errors that required a complete reinstall. I also watched the iOS 8 and the most recent WWDC where Apple described all the benefits of Yosemite.Thus far the experience has been relatively painless although not pain free. Different fonts in the menubar, more and more alpha shading, spotlight search is popup instead of a menu-like pulldown, headphone volume was quirky with Chrome until I rebooted a few times, the volume button would chirp when using the keys or mouse. Anyway… lots of changes, not all for the better.As I watched the Yosemite presentation I found myself adoring many of the features like iCloud integration and continuation. But I still struggle with the cost. Additionally iCloud seems to be sandboxing the data in iCloud so that data cannot be shared between applications. At least it’s not clear how the sandboxing is implemented. And then there is the iCloud drive. If it’s a place for me to put my stuff then my apps need to be able to access them. Again; not much info.Now that I’m using my iPhone-2 ish and a new phone and carrier on the horizon I’m considering the Nexus 6 and a Nexus 9 as a replacement for my iPhone-2 and iPad Mini.