Richard Bucker

Apple's customer service continues to slip

Posted at — Sep 15, 2013

I just left a retail store after making an appointment week in advance. My expectation was That an Apple technician would replace the damaged or defective battery on my laptop. Whether it cost me anything to replace was not point. In fact I was there to pay the  $129 replacement fee.The issue is that Apple wanted to take my computer into custody in order to effect repairs. That was simply not an option this time. As Jordan explained to me this is pretty straightforward replacement however he didn’t have any technicians in the back and although he was a technician himself he was not authorized to perform any technical repairs that day.So what is the point of making an appointment with an Apple genius if they can’t make the repairs when you’re at the store. It’s the sort of experience that makes owning multiple computers at a much cheaper price the better alternative. I can now envision owning multiple Google Chrome books. The work that I’m pursuing currently could be satisfied with any sort of Dell machine running a virtualized Linux machine.