Richard Bucker

appscale - I really want to believe but I cannot get there

Posted at — Dec 20, 2015

I really like the appscale approach. I do not know appscale’s heritage and frankly it’s not important for this article.“I’m not an internet historian, I’m just a programmer”Appscale is the open source version of google app engine and it has some promise because it supports the same APIs in many of the same languages. The difference is that while google app engine is a saas offering from google; appscale is a private cloud offering of the same thing. (installed on your hardware or cloud resources)appscale is written in python and while that’s ok because the appscale host [a] requires a more than bare OS with python and many dependent libraries. And where the API seems to fill the language there are many language artifacts in the core framework. Ruby just drives me nuts specially . Furthermore appscale predates the Golang model, however, a statically compiled C or C++┬áversion of appscale should have been obvious. I’m not 100% confident that the API server is written in the same language as the client SDK but I did see many ruby files sprinkled in the code tree and it concerns me.It is still a compelling platform because it’s founded on many HA and DR principles that I really like.