Richard Bucker

Are you raising the bar with agile?

Posted at — Oct 8, 2013

Using agile methodologies to measure the effectiveness of agile is like letting the fox guarding the hen house. This is no different than letting individuals who are either vested one way or the other make the same measurements. In order to measure the effectiveness of agile one needs to look at the scientific method in order to determine the right methodology for measuring it’s effectiveness.Just because the authors of the agile manifesto are also the authors and purveyors of agile process improvement does not necessarily mean agile is going to work for your environment. The programmers consultants and business people who define the agile manifesto used to model their behavior in their environments. The thing that people continue to forget about this environment is that these individuals were really smart.The idea that there methodologies could be applied to the rank-and-file entry-level programmer and you same results is just simply false. One cannot substitute multiple decades of hard work and learning and replace that with the process and hand that off to the neophyte and expect the same results.What I want to know and I’m hoping that some research project somewhere is doing this is what is the effect of the team dynamic four different types of teams with different distributions of journeyman and neophyte.