Richard Bucker

ARM Versus Intel

Posted at — Feb 4, 2020

I hate to say it’s a complicated subject but there are plenty of moving parts. And while my knowledge is not firsthand it is what I seem to know. And so I have to reread the wikipedia doc.

Consider that intel, while you have to pay for R&D to keep up wth Moore’s Law, charges a premium because it can.

Circuling back to what might be the beginning of the conversation; Raspberry Pi seems to have jump started the ARM arms race. ARM processors are available almost everywhere and they are geting better and cheaper. I have two Raspberry Pi Zeros as a jump server and a backup. I have two Raspberry Pi M4-B without a purpose. The zero is single core, the M4 is Quad core and the new RK3399 based boards are six core. There are a few standout boards that have not been released yet:

I continue to flip-flop on how “generally” useful these devices are. The Pi Zero has 1GB of RAM and the M4B has as much as 4GB yet in one of my current projects I am generating huge spreadsheets that require about 8GB or more to cache the data as well as the sheet itself. Using the Pi Zero as a jump server for one or maybe four users may be ok, however, if it were running X11 I imagine it would be game over.