Richard Bucker

Asus Portable Hdmi Monitor

Posted at — Jun 24, 2020

The ASUS MB16AMT portable HDMI monitor is pretty cool as first impressions go. It arrived with 50% power in the battery. An HDMI cable and a USB-C cable. As well as a wall wart for charging and a USB-A to USB-C converter.

The monitor is configured to use the HDMI input which is connected to my DisplayPort on an Intel NUC. I’m listening to Amazon Music thru the build-in speakers. They are not GREAT but good enough to cancel the whitenoise in my surroundings.

The menu buttons are a bit small for my beefy fingers but not something I need often. The touch option is ON by default but not supported by my Linux distro. When I connected the display to my Google Pixel it sputtered a few times and then worked; including touch.

NOTE My google pixel works marginally with my other ASUS portable monitor but the problem has something to do with the power in the USB-C and neither ASUS nor Google want to address is. I have been able to work around the problem with a USB-A/USB-C and USB-C port 6 in 1 replicator. But it still takes some finesce.

I’m not sure I care about the batter in the new display. It has the benefit of not draining the main battery and/or using the HDMI port instead of the USB-C… so lot’s of reasonable tradeoffs. But happy I bought it.