Richard Bucker

Basic tmux

Posted at — May 19, 2015

I have been and and out of trouble with tmux. (if there is a preferred home website for the project I don’t know it and google is not sharing.) This video was the one that was the tipping point for me. It’s part of a series but it was the one that let me accept the fact that I was going to use bash to construct my console rather than the given conf file.

I ended up with a variation of his file:
SESSION=basename $PWD
tmux -2 new-session -d -s $SESSION
tmux rename-window -t $SESSION:1 dev
tmux split-window -h  #“echo try:  ssh builder@”tmux resize-pane -R 30tmux split-window -v “builder ~/src/”tmux split-window -v “openvpn ~/src/certs/client.ovpn”tmux split-window -v “echo minifs; cd ~/src/gwtwo; go run ~/minifs.go”
tmux select-window -t $SESSION:1tmux select-pane -t 0tmux -2 attach -t $SESSION