Richard Bucker

better rain poncho

Posted at — Nov 15, 2016

I thought a tarp poncho would be a good idea.

  1. 2GoSystems BOB. $30.00
  2. Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil NanoTarp-Poncho. $99.00 - 8.1oz
  3. Sea to Summit Sil Poncho. $??.00 - 5.1oz
  4. Seat to Summit Nylon Poncho. $59 - 13oz
  5. Wealers one size fits all. $12.00 - 40g
  6. SOL Poncho. $11.70 - 3.2oz
  7. misc $13.95 (prices vary) - 9oz
  8. Disney World Poncho. $10 - ?oz
First and foremost the quote of the day:
embrace the rain –me
I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about ponchos. For a time I was obsessed with poncho-tarps because two in one functionality is what the bushcrafters talk about over and over again. And after all this time it occurs to me that these guys were distracted by butterflies. The breakdown is like this:

  1. a survival kit means that you are insuring against death and that you are in conditions there that is possible and rescue unlikely. In that case a SOL type poncho is best because of it’s properties.
  2. Walking around Disney World or Universal studios. They sell ponchos on every corner when it rains. Save the pack weight and buy it when you need it.
  3. going on a weekend hike and you know the weather is going to be good and that rain would be freaky….
  4. going on a long hike or rain is inevitable….
I don’t know how durable the SOL Poncho is but if I’ve got some Gorilla tape I should be able to repair anything. Given the cost and weight I should be able to buy more than one as a backup. The SOL it taped and does not have any cordage. With a little shock cord as a belt you can secure it nicely. The BEST part of the SOL is the reflective material. Given the cost of the Ultra-Sil NanoTarp-Poncho you can buy 8 for the same price.